Who are we?


Pro-Safety Consultants (PSC) is an independent consulting group with a focus on adding value to our clients by fostering integration of security with other business processes, systems and technology. We assist clients to develop realistic, appropriate and cost-effective strategies for protection of infrastructure, people and other assets. 

PSC is dedicated to supporting clients’ physical security and ICT infrastructure and system needs. Whether designing security systems or working with project teams to implement the most efficient architecture, or configuring your computer network to protect your information, we're here to give you the best advice.

Our consultant-owned company has been operating for 18 years. Our unique value to our clients arises from more than 75 years of collective experience in physical and ICT security strategies, information systems technology and technical project management, coupled with a rigorous risk management framework.

This combined skill and experience base is unique, but most importantly, we take particular care to understand our clients’ needs and, to ensure that the solutions we offer are value adding and targeted at their business.


Our services


  We provide services of many types to a wide range of clients. Our key aim is to ensure that wherever possible we provide holistic solutions.

Strategic Services

  • Threat/Risk assessments
  • Risk management plans
  • Strategic Security Plans
  • On-site audits
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Compliance assessments
  • Best practice tools and methodologies
  • Critical infrastructure reviews
  • Business resilience assessments and planning.

Information Systems, Communication and Technology

  • Strategic consultancy covering use of technology for business process improvement and revenue generation
  • Strategic planning, development and deployment of electronic security, CCTV and telecommunication systems
  • Project Management and multi-discipline Team Leadership
  • Information Technology, IP network and virtualised infrastructure planning and design
  • Mobile communications
  • Systems Integration.

Management Services

  • Security management system development (including start-up procedures for new premises)
  • Security management system audits
  • Security policies and procedures
  • Security manpower assessments

Design, Engineering and Project Management

 We provide specialist design and documentation services, covering:

  • Security and access control systems
  • PSIM Design and integration
  • Closed circuit television surveillance systems and associated networks
  • ICT systems infrastructure
  • Communications systems
  • Control room design
  • Audio visual Systems
  • Fences, vehicle and other barriers.

Our Team

Our Consultants


Our consultants are highly experienced and well qualified managers, each well-recognised in their fields.
With extensive senior management and policy experience our consultants are well qualified to play constructive roles where team work, technical knowledge, strategic thinking and a life cycle perspective are needed. We focus on cost effective investment for tomorrow as well as today.  

Our consultants can help your business by:

  1. Tailoring and applying risk management methodologies to suit the unique nature of each client’s organisational context and risk management policy framework;
  2. Developing security strategies and solutions for government and corporate business leaders with particular sensitivity to the specific threat and risk environment;
  3. Developing and implementing innovative security solutions that support, not hinder, business objectives;
  4. Organisational capability development that fosters ongoing self-assessment and self-awareness of security risks; and
  5. The design of effective security alarm and surveillance systems.

Graeme Clarke


 Graeme Clarke, PSC Managing Director, has extensive experience as a senior executive manager, engineer and security practitioner, affording him a wealth of insights into governance as well as the nuts and bolts of security.

Graeme is a chartered professional engineer whose appointments have included:

· Engineering Manager in a high security CSIRO facility,

· Assistant Director-General Technical in the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation

· Protective Security Manager for Qantas Airways, and

· National Manager, Risk, for a national consulting firm.

 Pam Foley, PSC Office Manager, since 2013, has the business management role. Using her extensive management experience in the Commonwealth Government sector, she develops business and marketing solutions to enhance engagement with potential and existing PSC clients and other key stakeholders.

She has extensive experience in identifying and reviewing how your policies and procedures work to support relevant legislative frameworks and she can also help businesses understand their client’s experience.

David Parsons



David Parsons, PSC Director, is responsible for information systems, communications and technology consulting.  He has a solid track record of delivering real commercial value through the innovative application of technology. His experience covers product development, engineering management and consulting. 

His appointments have included:

· Chief Technology Officer for Norwood Systems,

· National Development Manager for Intelligent IP Communications and

· Chief Designer for Logica VTS.

David’s ability to bring together users and delivery partners results in improved outcomes and fewer surprises.

Our Business Partners

Our Partners

Experience tells us that there is nothing more critical to effective outcomes for our clients than the quality of the consultants we use for each project.  That is why we maintain close links with like-minded firms with expertise and connections that complement our own.

We are proud to be associated with consultants specialising in performance review, risk management and security intelligence. Key personnel are:

  • Terry Mack, PSC Director.  ICT and Security Business Leader with 18 years of experience delivering innovative, complex design solutions to clients globally.  
  • Rex Stevenson AO, PSC Director, formerly Director-General of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service 

We work closely with other leading firms whose expertise complements ours, including:

  • Intelligent Risks (IR), a leading international firm of intelligence and risk management consultants, and
  • IPP Consulting, a highly respected firm of specialists in government and other high security work.

We also have links with a range of specialist associates to help deal with specific technical problems in the audio visual, ICT and security space.

Our Key Strengths

We strive to be the best

We offer a variety of services and strive to be the best in customer service, knowledge, teamwork, and communication. 

We offer

  •  The latest proven technology
  •  A balanced, common sense approach to security as a risk management investment
  •  Technical expertise and project delivery capability second-to-none
  •  Commonwealth Government (SCEC) endorsed consultants, current licences in most state jurisdictions (details can be provided on request)
  •  Extensive consulting experience with national and multi-national organisations as well as government agencies
  •  Well networked in government security and law enforcement
  •  Excellent corporate and government management experience based on extensive public and private sector employment.

Security is about protection of the community, its infrastructure, its people, and their property. Effective security outcomes are achieved when protection is cost effective, aligned with risks and when infrastructure is seamlessly integrated with other systems.

Security is an integral part of corporate governance, OHSE, asset protection, brand protection, human resource functions, supply chain assurance and information security management and it increasingly presents a major challenge to businesses and governments alike.

PSC Consultants has almost 20 years experience in helping its clients develop  relevant and innovative business solutions.

We can help.

Multi-Disciplinary Teams



We have extensive experience working closely with other consultants in multi-disciplinary teams to offer design, documentation and contract management for all building services disciplines, including:

  • Master planning
  • New building works
  • Refurbishment
  • Upgrades
  • Fit-outs 

Our expert consultants are also experienced in working with both national and international business leaders to identify and provide original and innovative solutions to ICT and security needs. Our key point of difference is that we look for leading edge solutions, not yesterday’s designs, when tackling a new problem.

Our reputation as industry experts has seen us win significant contracts in key industries.

Quality Assurance


We are happy to work within formal quality systems established by our clients if required. PSC ensures optimal outcomes for their clients by means of rigorous internal procedures and experienced, competent consultants.

Concepts are discussed within the group before detail development and all reports and documentation are independently verified by a competent partner before final issue.